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From Sister Anne Joelle:

Student Apps To Be Aware Of

Sister Mary from the Diocesan Technology Department found this article from a Facebook post from Fairfield Public Schools. It has excellent information that you as parents need to know about what is on your child's mobile devices and how your child(ren) is(are) using these apps. It is not to scare you but to help you to know what to do. As you may be aware as soon as adults get onto a site the children move onto something else.

A simple rule to know what your kids are doing is not so simple. It takes time to check their devices to see what they are doing. The best thing parents can do is to know how to use parental controls and actually use them. They can search online for directions on how to set up controls on any device. One other tool is Covenant Eyes. For information on Covenant Eyes, go to the Diocesan website on their Freedom From Pornography page.

Let us continue to take the next best step to help our students to live up to their God-given potential to reach heaven!



$CRIP Program

What is $crip?

$crip is basically like a gift card that can be used like cash to purchase products or services from merchants who have issued them. $crip can be used to purchase anything from groceries, fuel, and clothing, to entertainment, electronics, and music. The proceeds go to textbook purchases, computer supplies and saving for when it’s time to replace our school bus.

How does $crip work?

St. Teresa’s School buys $crip from retailers at a discounted price and then sells $crip for the face value of the card. When an individual buys a $50 $crip card to Russ’s, they are able to purchase $50 in groceries or gas. If that purchase is made with $50 in cash, the school gets nothing. But, if that same purchase is made with $crip, St. Teresa’s $crip fund gets $2.50. You have the exact same purchasing power with $crip as with cash or credit but, by using $crip to pay for your purchases, the school makes money.

Where and when can I purchase $crip?

$crip is available before and after 4 pm Saturday Mass and all Sunday Masses. $crip can also be purchased any day that school is in session and also at the rectory on Saturdays between 9 am and noon. A form is also sent home weekly in the school’s communication folder. You can fill out the form on Wednesday and get your $crip Thursday or Friday.

Who should buy $crip?

Anyone who is reading this can buy and use $crip. It is convenient to buy and easy to use.

It pays to buy $crip!

How to purchase $crip

For your convenience we have provided the order form on this page. You may fill it out and bring it to the $crip table in the vestibule of the church along with your payment. After Mass your order will be ready for pick-up.

$crip Order Form.

$crip Subscription Form.

Extended Retailer List Site

Extended Retailer List



Propelr is the easiest, most effective way to raise money for [institution]. Using Propelr, a re-loadable VISA Prepaid Card, works just like a debit card, but with donation percentages as high as 20% when used at participating merchants!

Benefits of Propelr:

  • When you sign up for a card, you can select your school and churches to support and a personalized card will be sent to you in the mail
  • Then load funds to your Propelr Card from either your bank account or direct deposit from your employer
  • Finally, simply use Propelr at participating merchants and a portion of the purchase will go to your school or church

The Card that Cares.

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Propelr Overview Video

Questions? Please call Tim Andreasen 402-202-9952